Pet Application Form

Like most of you, we also love having a loyal companion by our side when we are at home. However, many establishments have strict laws on pet ownership, depending on the property.

Many properties will accept pets with a various different constraints. You will need to review your dwellings rules to establish what pet you can apply for.


Ten basic facts that most Strata Managers get WRONG

Painting of a balcony ceiling – This is considered Common Property and therefore Owners Corporation costs.

Security doors or flyscreens (if not installed by an owner) are considered Common Property and therefore Owners Corporation costs.

False Ceilings added after the registration of the Strata Plan – Are Lot Owners’ costs to repair.

Fences that show as Thick Line on the Plan are considered as Common Property and therefore Owners Corporation costs.

Trees – Any part of the tree that is contained within Common Property is deemed the responsibility of the Owners Corporation. Any part of the tree that is contained within a Lot is deemed the Lot Owners responsibility. If one tree is trimmed or damaged – cost is apportioned to the ratio.

Skirting boards and architraves contained within common property areas are to be maintained at the cost of the Owners Corporation.

Shower waste in the bathroom is considered as Common Property.

Bath plug waste and bath pipe to common property pipe is the responsibility of the Lot owner.

Shower Screen door – Cost of any damage is borne by the Lot owner (In many cases this can be claimed on the OC Insurance policy as Damage.)

Window Lock Keys within a Lot – Are to be maintained by the Lot owners at the Lot Owners Cost.

NBN Roll Out

The nbn™  network rollout information is updated weekly. Rollout areas and boundaries are subject to change as construction planning is finalised.

You should check the nbn™  site  for regular updates.

Services provided over the nbn™ network will be replacing phone and internet services provided over most of the existing landline networks.  What a large amount of people are not aware of is that this switch will affect the operation of important services such as your strata building which has either monitored fire alarm and or lift emergency phones.   Once the network has been upgraded at your building these essential services will not be working unless they also have been upgraded. 

Speak to your strata committee and or Strata Manager about registering your building to streamline your installation process.