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The New Benchmark in Customer Service. The customer experience is everything. It is the key measure that defines us.


Sydney Strata Specialists was established to meet the growing need from Strata clients who require specialist services.  Our entire firms philosophy is to employ Strata Managers that will not only meet but will exceed your expectations.

Sydney Strata Specialists are setting a new benchmark in providing true professional strata services to its clients ever growing needs.

All staff are comprehensively trained to provide our clients specialist advice and assistance in all facets of strata related to your needs. All staff attend regular professional development training both internal and external. This way they can provide you with up to date strata related laws and regulations. If they are unable to provide the information instantly they will obtain the information and get back to you within 24 hours.

The company was created by people who are passionate about providing a superior level of service.


With our combined experience in Strata Management, Real Estate, Accounting, Governance and Compliance we will deliver strata management that listens to your needs as an owner. Thereby ensuring your compliance together with the owners’ corporation by providing you with the information you need to effectively run your complex.

If you feel that you deserve to be treated better and desire to be managed by a professionally run company that will deliver excellent service, then engaging Sydney Strata Specialists is the next logical step. 

Call and speak with us today on how the we can assist in just 3 simply steps of engaging us.


Experts in Strata Management and Sydney’s property market.
Chief executive

Karen’s initial experience with Strata Management came through the ownership of an investment unit she bought some years ago. It was an apartment in a block of 40 where Karen, through an AGM, became aware that the building had major structural issues. This inspired a feeling of responsibility to ensure that her investment – and everyone else’s – was going to be secure. Upon joining the Executive Committee, Karen quickly realised that there was a need to provide the unit owners with transparent communication and timely responses. Once achieved, she ensured that everyone was in a position to make informed decisions resulting in the owners implementation of the right plan saving time and money. 

Fast forward a few years and leveraging her experience, Karen saw the opportunity to realise her core belief by way of Sydney Strata Specialists to establish a strong connection with her clients providing the knowledge, skills and resources to ensure their assets are protected. With over 23 years of experience in financial management, real estate and governance including achievements of a Masters of Commerce degree and 10 years in corporate banking at an executive level, Karen has become unmatched in her field. Combined with her overall life experience as well, Karen is a pleasure to communicate with.

Senior Strata Manager / Business Development Manager

Greg has over 40 years’ experience in Banking, Legal, Real Estate and Strata Management. His career has spanned over both domestic and international banks which have led to the creation of new financial products. With his experience in structured finance and investments he has consulted in several major fraud cases across England and the United States which involved his detailed understanding of respective investment laws, review of legal structures and investment products.

While this allowed Greg to retire in 2004, he could not just sit back and let life go past. he needed daily challenges so he went in search of new opportunities to use his many honed skills that he acquired over the years such as:

  • Business development
  • Project management
  • Dealing with legal matters

After searching for something to match his talents, Strata management became his desired undertaking. His ability to understand Strata’s complex management schemes and connect with legal consultants/engineers on site makes him an efficient and cost effective person to take care of you and your assets in a timely fashion.


Luke started his career in sales. He soon found out his strengths are customer service and getting into the nitty gritty. He has never been afraid to pull up his sleeves.

The bulk of his career has been working in media. Starting out in classified adverting sales all the way up to Brand Specialist with a particular focus on Finance Publications.  Luke’s main role was to introduce clients with the editorial staff and find or even show where their interests aligned.

Luke’s skills were further honed working in management in Telecommunications retail stores. Spending most of his day motivating his staff and helping customers with complex problems with a focus on a good experience in difficult situations for all.

Using his skills from multiple industries Luke has been thrown in the deep end of a new industry. Where others would have drowned, Luke has kept his head well above water.

Strata Manager 

Kiersten Jacobsen

Kiersten’s career has been customer service centred for the past 18 years.

Starting in retail sales, moving on to retail management and then small business ownership; she now finds herself in strata management looking forward to tackling the challenges a new industry brings.

Kiersten is an exceptional communicator, and utilizes her extensive training and knowledge to communicate with others in ways that they understand, to achieve mutually beneficial ends with exceptional results.

Kiersten believes in wins, for herself and for her clients.