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Parking has been a problematic issue in buildings for some time. This is due to many factors including unclear laws, limited strata management laws and misunderstandings on what is allowable.

Solutions come from the process of the Strata Committee with the aid of their Strata Manager taking proactive steps to help the issue, such as:

  • Implementing physical access restrictions for parking areas, e.g. bollards or pass card operated barriers.
  • Installing surveillance equipment.
  • Negotiating a council parking agreement, which places the parking area under council control.
  • Making by-laws to better address these issues, current by-laws typically being inadequate. This could include making by- laws imposing restrictions referable to visitors, but enforceable against owners and/or occupants.

Reactive measures are generally ineffective, because:

  • Police and councils have very limited powers with respect to vehicles on private land.
  • By-laws are notoriously difficult to enforce, requiring issue of an infringement notice, in circumstances where a visitor probably is not bound by the scheme’s by-laws and in any case generally cannot be identified, let alone served with an infringement notice.
  • It is illegal in NSW to clamp, tow or detain a vehicle without the consent of the vehicle owner and neither a by-law nor signage reliably permits such action.

Self-help remedies are inadvisable. Moderate action, such as leaving a notice on the windscreen of the vehicle, is permissible but generally ineffective. More extreme action, such as damaging the vehicle, is illegal and risks escalating the dispute

The vast majority of Owners Corporations default to allowing animals upon written application.

If your by-laws already approve small dog, cat etc., you are still required to notify the Owners Corporation.

An Owner’s Corporation must carry out certain functions under the Strata Schemes Management Act such as maintaining common property, arranging building insurance, raising levies and managing by-law breaches. When the Owner’s appoint a strata managing agent, it normally delegates these us.

Our role is to assist and advise the owners corporation through its executives.  A large amount of our time is carried out each day undertaking the mandatory obligations of the Owners Corporation.  However, as strata managers we receive copious amounts of emails and telephone calls that are for notifications for repairs or maintenance issues.  Subject to a finical limitation most repairs will require a quotation being obtained – this takes fiscal responsibility but causes delays in the repairs.

As strata manager we have no authority to spend the owners corporations funds without prior written approval.

The role of the strata committee (SC) to oversee the day-to-day administration and its related issues for and on behalf of the Owner’s Corporation (OC).  The SC then elects either one or two members to liaise closely with the its strata manager and, together, they work as a team to ensure the smooth running of the scheme.

It is the committee who effectively controls the scheme’s long term future by giving a clear indication on where they want the scheme to be positioned in the marketplace.

This must take place at a strata committee meeting with the appropriate agenda and resolutions being resolved and the minutes taken.

Unless the issue pertains to an emergency repair then a tradesman is required attend to investigate the issue and then advise us or quote. This may require additional quotes – all taking additional time.

Once the quote is in it needs to be sent off to the strata committee for approval etc.  Sometime the same issue can be reported to us numerous times.

The strata committee must place the matter on the agenda and the meeting has to be held 72 hours after the agenda has been issued.   So from time of notification, and quotes being obtained, the agenda being prepared meeting being held and quote approved all takes time – but it is unfortunately how strata operates

If you are planning to purchase a Lot within a Strata Plan you will need to obtain a Section 109 certificate from Owners Corporation via the Strata Manager. These are normally requested by your solicitor who will complete the appropriate application.

The Section 109 certificate provides you with an abundance of information including:

  • Insurance cover
  • Current Levy contribution
  • Current financial position of the Lot
  • Any future approved Special Levy
  • Other pertinent Lot details

It is highly recommended you obtain a 109 Certificate prior to purchase.

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