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Selecting a Strata Manager

Each property and property owner has various needs, expectations, geographic influences and more. Finding a strata manager to suit your requirements is essential, here are some things to look for when selecting your next Strata Manager:

Communication, Professionalism and People Skills

Honest and transparent communication is a must. Knowing that your Strata manager is telling you’re the truth and is across all your needs and requirements is the starting point. You will trust them to do many things on your behalf such as; paying levies, organising the repairs and maintenance, and ensuring your building meets the requirements of the legislation.

Experience & Qualifications

Managing an owners corporation requires experience. An experienced strata manager can often identify issues before they arise and thus saving money in the long term. It is also advised to select a strata manager that understand the market and clientele. Each geographic region in Australia has differences and needs, so finding a Strata Manager that understands everything about your property is going to benefit you and your tenants.

Also, ensure that your Strata Manager is properly qualified and knowledgeable. A fully qualified, licensed strata manager, for instance, will have undergone years of training in strata management and the process. training in areas like trust accounting to risk analysis. For example, in New South Wales and Sydney a Certificate of Registration and Certificate IV in Property Services is required.

Speak to us today about how you can find a strata manager to suit you.