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Reporting defects


The following is a quick guide on how to report defects to the correct party. Report defects promptly to the right party based on their location:

Common Property Defects:

  • Notify the strata manager or owners corporation through the strata committee via email, letter, or in-person at a meeting.
  • Request inclusion of the issue on the next strata committee or general meeting agenda by contacting the secretary of the owners corporation or the strata manager.
  • The strata manager or strata committee will contact the builder for repairs and compensation.
  • Ensure immediate notification to relevant insurers, as delays may affect your claims. Insurers accept declarations from the strata committee, strata manager, or individual owners.

Lot-Specific Defects:

  • If the defects are within your lot and do not affect common property, contact the builder directly (or the manufacturer for faulty appliances), or consider involving a lawyer.

For Tenants:

  • Tenants should contact their landlord or real estate agent if they discover defects.

Additionally, NSW Fair Trading encourages owners and owners corporations to promptly report building defects via their online form for the best outcome. Maintain written records with dates and consider taking notes and photographs for documentation in case of disputes over defect responsibility.

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