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CDC Annual Fire Safety Statement


Buildings who currently have not lodging an Annual Fire Safety Statement ( AFSS ) to council may find themselves incurring additional expenses and time delays when they decide to undertake works covered under by  Complying Development (CDC )

Complying development is a fast-track approval process for straightforward residential, commercial and industrial development. Complying development generally includes larger building works than exempt development. For this reason, ‘sign off’ by a building professional (known as a certifying authority) is needed.

Provided the proposal fully meets specific development standards, it can be determined by a Council or registered certifier without the need for a full development application.

Complying development is also subject to conditions of approval to protect surrounding uses during the construction period and the life of the complying development. Below is a short list items covered by CDC.

Examples of complying development include:

  • building a one and two storey
  • building a granny flat or secondary dwelling
  • building earthworks and structural supports
  • building a fence
  • building a swimming pool
  • building waterway structures
  • carrying out a strata subdivision
  • demolishing a building
  • establishing a home-based enterprise
  • removing and pruning a tree
  • renovating a home
  • temporary uses and structures
  • works to improve fire safety.

This use to be a straight forward process however Council will not approve a CDC application unless the building has lodged a AFSS – We refer to  SEPP 1.16 (2)(b)

1.16   General requirements for exempt development

class 1b or class 2–9 is exempt development for the purposes of this Policy only if—

(b)  no fire safety measures are currently implemented, required or proposed for the building.

For a Fire Contractor to now issue a AFSS the building must be inspected by an independent Fire Consultant who will then provide a list of essential fire measure that meet current codes.  Once the measures have been provided these works must be undertaken and a AFSS signed off and lodged with Council.  This will then form the basis of a annual inspection to be undertaken and lodged with council.