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Dealing with Mould

If the weather’s been very humid for a few days in a row you might notice mould starting to grow in your apartment. When it rains for several days it’s especially common to see mould start to grow on walls, benches and other surfaces because of the wet air. If you live where humidity in […]

Spalling in Strata Buildings

Spalling in Strata Buildings Fix it now this is as cheap as it will ever get.   A very common but not well understood problem with older concrete structures is spalling. Sometimes known as “concrete cancer” it is something that you want to have to deal with. You may have heard this tem before but […]

Water Saving Tips & Ideas

Owners Corporation – Water Saving Tips & Ideas A vast number of owners will be completely surprised to learn that they do not pay for the water that is used in their strata unit or townhouse.  If your strata plan is located between Katoomba to the West to Bondi Beach to the East or from […]