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Karen Bauer

Karen Bauer


My initial experience with Strata Management came through the ownership of an investment unit I bought with my husband some years ago. It was an apartment in a block of 40 and it was only when I attended an AGM and became aware that the building had major structural issues that I felt a responsibility.to ensure that my investment – and everyone elses - was going to be secure.

Upon joining the Executive Committee, I quickly realised that there was a need to provide the unit owners with transparent communication and timely responses. When we achieved this, we were able to ensure that everyone was in a position to make informed decisions that resulted in the owners implementing the right plan for the building that saved time and money. Fast forward a few years and leveraging my experience, I saw the opportunity to start a professional strata management service that I believe will provide a fresh approach where everyone in the strata community can benefit.

I have a desire to help others protect their home or investment. No matter which of these apply to you I believe working together with you will provide the knowledge, skills and resources to help protect your asset.

With over 23 years of experience in financial management, real estate and governance, I bring with me extensive professional acumen which empower you to make the right choices to ensure we manage your property to your utmost benefit.

Karen Bauer has a Masters of Commerce degree, spent 10 years in corporate banking at an executive level. She has since managed the administration of a successful Eastern Suburbs real estate business and then developed and incorporated the administrative building blocks of a private school in her position as General Manager.

Her high level organisational skills, attention to detail, financial acumen and industry knowledge are unmatched and her life experience overall means that she is also a pleasure to deal with.

Greg Williamson

Greg Williamson

Senior Strata Manager / Business Development Manager

I have over 40 years’ experience in the Banking and Finance, Legal, Real Estate and Strata Management. My career has included working for or with both domestic and international banks. I have created new financial products in conjunction with private banks. Due to my experience in structured finance and investments I have been asked to consult in several major fraud cases in England and United States. This involved reviewing extensive amounts of legal structures, investment products as well as having a detailed understanding of their respective investment laws.

While this allowed me to retired in 2004 and for the first six months it was fantastic. Then I discovered that retirement was not to my liking. I could not just sit back and let life go past. Still having a young family I needed daily challenges so I went in search for new opportunities. Having honed my skills over many years, it was essential to me to put my skills to use - I needed something that involved and could challenge me daily. Whatever I did it needed to provide a number of things;

⎫ Looking after finances,
⎫ Management of multiple owners;
⎫ Management of third party contractors;
⎫ Preparation of Budgets; Large or Small
⎫ Chairing Meetings:
⎫ Legal issues Simple or Complex;
⎫ Problem solving;

Several family and friends suggested that I consider Strata, after looking at the market I decided that strata management ticked all the boxes so I become a Strata Manager.

I thought that the professionalism was lacking in the industry as there was so many complaints about strata managers. My aim was to bring a new level of professionalism to the industry.

I saw that managing a strata complex is balance of managing people equally as attending to the repairs and maintenance. Being a great communicator and enjoying being a people person I have the perfect balance of meeting the expectations of all parties. This means I can mediate between owners, executives, tradespeople etc by treating everyone with respect while still ensuring that their points are listened to and if needed corrected.

My personal moto in life is Non recuso laborem. This means I do not refuse work.
It is easy to stand out from the crowd when the bench mark is so low.

My strengths lie in my ability to understand the complex legal aspect of the Strata Schemes Management Act, being able to communicate with Lawyers and Building Consultants/Engineers and other contractor while controlling the overall finances of the strata scheme.

This then allows me to then address an Owners Corporation / Strata Committee meeting to progress the matters in a fast and cost efficient manner. Matters are simply dealt with due process.

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