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About Sydney Strata Specialists

Sydney Strata Specialists was established to meet the growing need from Strata clients who require specialist services.  Our entire firms philosophy is to employ Strata Managers that will not only meet but will exceed your expectations.

Sydney Strata Specialists are setting a new benchmark in providing true professional strata services to its clients ever growing needs.

All staff are comprehensively trained to provide our clients specialist advice and assistance in all facets of strata related to your needs. All staff attend regular professional development training both internal and external. This way they can provide you with up to date strata related laws and regulations. If they are unable to provide the information instantly they will obtain the information and get back to you within 24 hours.

The company was created by people who are passionate about providing a superior level of service.

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With our combined experience in Strata Management, Real Estate, Accounting, Governance and Compliance we will deliver strata management that listens to your needs as an owner. Thereby ensuring your compliance together with the owners’ corporation by providing you with the information you need to effectively run your complex.

If you feel that you deserve to be treated better and desire to be managed by a professionally run company that will deliver excellent service, then engaging Sydney Strata Specialists is the next logical step. 

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